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To get to know a little more about my views as a designer, I must start by talking about where I gain my ideas and inspirations.

I consider myself fortunate to have lived in many countries, Valencia (Spain), Bogotá (Colombia), London, Edinburgh and Glasgow (Uk). These experiences, along with travelling to other countries and being immersed in their ways of living and cultures have all contributed to making the designer that I am today.

After studying a degree in Industrial Design, I decided to continue my artistic development and move on to studying Architecture in order to improve my creative skills and knowledge in terms of materials, forms and appearances. During this period, I have collaborated in various outstanding projects as well as updating the University's website content and design.

I have also had the opportunity, as a web/graphic designer and photographer to carry out many new projects with tutelodesign, my colleague Borja and in my own studio. As a result of receiving positive feedback from these events, I've also organized various photographic competitions with the community in order to gain their attention and share different perceptions, for example so many years of collaboration with the Wallpeople organization.

With eagerness to apply new ideas and concepts learnt from these past experiences, today I continue working and improving every day in many projects in my studio and also working in the Marketing and Design department at Eldisser company.

Latest projects

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